Partner Organizations
Local Churches and Christian businesses or organizations that have given financially, committed resources, time, energy, and volunteers, and take ownership on some level in the planning and executing of the event, in order to help fulfill the purpose and mission of Love Denver. These partners collaborate collectively in big and small ways to make Love Denver possible and to ensure it remains committed to it’s core values. These partners are known and believed to represent the core values and beliefs of Love Denver, and have signed it’s statement of faith. 


Supporting Organizations
Local Churches and businesses or organizations that donate or discount specific services or products necessary to run Love Denver, volunteer to help at the event, offer resources or care at the event, or who donate time, effort, finances, and energy on any level to help Love Denver logistically. The values or beliefs of these support groups, whether individual or corporate, do not necessarily reflect those of Love Denver, and these organizations are not required to sign our statement of faith.


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No parties involved in any capacity at the Love Denver event shall act or promote actions that the Love Denver board deems contrary to the values and beliefs of Love Denver. We are here to bless the community, to give ourselves collectively for the welfare of the city; not for self promotion and personal or corporate benefit. We sincerely thank all of our Partner and Support organizations, for without you all working together, this event would simply not be possible.